George Giessen Regional Head of Planning

George Giessen

Although born in Germany, George has spent most of his life travelling the four corners of the earth – from Africa to Europe, the Americas to Asia to everything in between.
This avid wanderlust has fed George’s curiosity, which is a trait that defines his motivation to continuously learn and discover new and amazing things.
The core principle, “It’s not how much you know, it’s how you apply it,” plays an instrumental role in how he thinks about the world and his approach towards the planning function.
While knowledge is powerful, it is nothing if it can’t be used to better the world; whatever that world might be.
Before starting his journey with, what was then still Lowe MENA, George was responsible for handling both the Unilever and BAT portfolios for Memac Ogilvy, across the AMET region.
During his tenure with Memac Ogilvy, George won 2 Effies and Grand Prix for the launch of Ponds and the re-positioning of ACDelco.
In his current role as Regional Director of Strategy, George has acquired a unique skill set that delivers innovative brand strategies to drive businesses forward. Segmentation, portfolio play and positioning are all key aspects of marketing that George understands and applies to give brands the breath and width to grow and lead.
Even though he loves planning, it isn’t his first passion.
In fact, his first passion is gaming- and everything to do with it.
If he isn’t solving challenging problems for clients, he’s probably slaying virtual problems for poor peasants who are being ravaged by a not-so-nice dragon.

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